L7 Timeline



Suzi Gardner and Donita Sparks meet on a five day bender. Listen to nothing but Hawkwind's "Orgone Accumulator" and Flipper's "Sex Bomb." Decide to start a band.

After numerous psycho bass players, Jennifer Finch joins L7 on bass.

Brett Gurewitz at Epitaph wants to sign a new band. His choices are L7 and Jane's Addiction. He chooses L7. Oh well.

September 1988
L7 release their debut self-titled album on Epitaph Records, produced by Brett Guerwitz and L7.

September 1988
L7 embark on their first US tour, opening for Bad Religion. Play for four people in Detroit. Detroit Rock City!

November 1988
After numerous psycho drummers, Dee Plakas arrives at her L7 "audition" in a wood paneled 1976 Country Squire station wagon. L7 knew they'd finally found their Goddess of Thunder.

July 1989
Sub Pop's Bruce and Jonathan come to see L7 play in Seattle. L7 designates the smoke machine operational responsibility to two band members of Seattle's infamous Catt Butt, who were out of their minds on acid. Bruce and Jonathan leave the venue mid-set, coughing in disgust. They call the following day and ask L7 to record for Sub Pop.

September 1989
L7 embark on second US tour, "Swappin' Fluids Across the Nation," with Sub Pop label mates, the infamous Cat Butt. Two bands, one van, oh the smell of it! It's a book in itself.

January 1990
Sub Pop release L7's "Shove" backed with "Packin' A Rod" for Single of the Month Club, produced by Jack Endino.

Spring 1990
Due to the success and popularity of "Shove" backed with "Packin' A Rod," Sub Pop sends L7 back to Reciprocal Studios to record an EP with Jack Endino.

October 1990
L7 headline their first European tour. Open for label mates Nirvana on last ten dates in England. Simultaneously, Sub Pop releases the EP Smell The Magic, produced by Jack Endino, Michael James and L7 at Radio Tokyo (Venice, CA).

Spring 1991
L7 sign with Los Angeles' legendary Slash Records.

Fall 1991
L7 form Rock For Choice with the Feminist Majority Foundation. Rock For Choice is a non-profit organization raising money and awareness for women's reproductive freedoms. The first Rock For Choice benefit show, also held in 1991, features Nirvana, Sister Double Happiness, L7 and Hole. Rock For Choice continues to this day.

(For more information please call or write to:
Rock For Choice, 8105 W. 3rd St., #1, Los Angeles, CA 90048
Phone: 213/651-0495 Fax: 213/653-2689)

November 1991
L7 record their first major label release with Butch Vig at Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin.

April 1992
Slash Records releases L7's LP, Bricks Are Heavy, produced by Butch Vig and L7.

February 1992
L7 shoot their first big-time rock video for the single "Pretend We're Dead." An out-of-control camera crane conks Suzi Gardner on the head, nearly killing her. Luckily, she survives the mishap, but she's been a dim bulb ever since.

Summer 1992
L7 make their network television debut on Late Night with David Letterman, performing "Pretend We're Dead." Art Donovan, the following guest on the show, comments, "I haven't heard such a racket since the Japs were shooting at me in World War II."

August 1992
L7 play England's Reading Festival. Mud-fest turns to melee when a disgruntled Donita Sparks discards her used tampon into the crowd. "They threw mud, we threw blood." This legendary event was milked by the press for years - get over it.

All 1992
L7 tour and tour and tour some more. L7 perform extensively throughout Europe and the US and, for the first time, in Australia and New Zealand. Helmet, Beastie Boys, Love Battery, Cosmic Psychos and Faith No More were some of the bands they shared deli platters with.

December 1992
L7 appear live on the national British TV show, The Word, performing "Pretend We're Dead." A disgruntled Donita Sparks drops her pants during said performance revealing frontal nudity as well as her bare bottom. Oh dear! This legendary event was milked by the press for years - get over it.

January 1993
L7 are treated like the Beatles in Brazil! Why can't the rest of the world get with the program? Riots over the lasses' shower caps and cigarette butts.

March 1993
L7 tour Japan for the first time and their fans shower them with gifts. Why can't the rest of the world get with the program?

Spring 1993
After years of feeling like they're living in a John Waters movie, L7's prophecy is fulfilled by appearing in the John Waters classic film, Serial Mom, as the band "Camel Lips."

Spring 1993
L7 receive "Feminist of the Year Award" from the Feminist Majority Foundation for their work with Rock For Choice.

Winter 1993
L7 record Hungry For Stink in Los Angeles amidst earthquakes, fires, floods and locust.

July 1994
L7 release Hungry For Stink, produced by GGGarth Richardson and L7.

July 1994
L7 make a video for "Anderes," the single they think will be the "Teen Spirit" of 1994. MTV plays the video two times on 120 Minutes.

Summer 1994
L7 bend over and host 120 Minutes hoping to get more air play - it doesn't work.

Fall 1994
L7's song "Shitlist" is featured in Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers.

All 1994
L7 tour the US and Europe with the Melvins and Wool and appear at England's Glastonbury Festival. "Tents and tofu for all my friends!"

Fall 1994
L7 make a video for their second single off Hungry For Stink, "Stuck Here Again." MTV bans it. L7 re-edit said video. MTV plays it a whopping one time on (yes, you guessed it) 120 Minutes.

L7 survive 1995. Oh, yeah, they played that Warped Tour thing... "Roll up for the Tragical Misery Tour."

Finch quits.

Enter Gail Greenwood.

February 1997
L7 release their mind-crushing new album, The Beauty Process - Triple Platinum, produced by Rob Cavallo, Joe Barresi and L7. This is the band's fifth album.

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