1993  Soledad

Feel My Hate - The Power Is The Weight - R.I.P. Cain

A1 (Opening Sections Of) Inter-Stellar Space
A2 Gnaw
A3 Charred
B1 Fratricide: A Requiem
B2 Survival Is The Fittest
B3 Tenderloin
B4 Nails

1997  Noise Vacuum

The Ascension From Heaven

1. The Ascension From Heaven (Part 1)
2. The Ascension From Heaven (Part 2)

2003  Southern Lord

The Hortator's Lament

1. (Opening Sections Of) Inter-Stellar Space
2. Gnaw
3. Charred
4. Fraatricide: A Requiem
5. Survival Of The Fittest
6. Swarm
7. Tenderloin
8. Nails
9. Also Sprach Zarathustra
10. Tatterdemalion: The Gladiators' Debasement Before Cain
11. (Second Continuing Sections Of) Inter-Stellar Space: Love
12. The Hortator's Lament