Appetite For Reconstruction: A Tribute To Guns N' Roses

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This 13-track album is comprised of various singers from some of the 1980s hottest metal bands, including performances by members of Quiet Riot, Faster Pussycat, Bang Tngo, L.A. Guns, Pretty Boy Floyd, The Bullet Boys, Warrior Soul, Hurricane, Love/ Hate and more. Each track is a reworking of the twelve songs released on Guns n' Roses' 1986 Appetite for Destruction. All songs have been reinterpreted by some of the coolest industrial and dance remix artists of the 1990s.

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这张包含13首歌的专辑是由一批1980年代最炙手可热的金属乐队成员共同打造的,他们分别来自Quiet Riot,Faster Pussycat,Bang Tngo,L.A. Guns,Pretty Boy Floyd,The Bullet Boys,Warrior Soul,Hurricane,Love/ Hate等乐队。每一首歌都是对Guns n' Roses 1986年的Appetite for Destruction专辑作品的重新演绎,它们又都由1990年代最棒的工业和舞曲大师再次阐释。

Background Music:


Kevin Dubrow-Welcome To The Jungle 

Track list


1. Kevin Dubrow-Welcome To The Jungle (Interface Remix)
2. John Corabi-Rocket Queen (Sigue Sigue Sputnik Remix)
3. Taime Downe-It's So Easy (Julian Beeston Remix)
4. Joe Lesté-Night Train (Astralasia Remix)
5. Phil Lewis-My Michelle (KMFDM Remix)
6. Steve Summers-Think About You (Die Krupps Remix)
7. Marq Torien-Out To Get Me (Meeks Remix)
8. Steve Rochelle-You're Crazy (Spahn Ranch Remix)
9. Kory Clarke-Paradise City (Sheep On Drugs Remix)
10. Joe Lesté-Mr. Brownstone (Rosetta Stone)
11. Kelly Hanson-Anything Goes (The Electric Hellfire Club Remix)
12. Jizzy Pearl-Sweet Child O' Mine (Ex-Voto Remix)
13. Kevin Dubrow-Welcome To The Jungle (Pigface Remix)

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Electronic, Hard Rock, Industrial


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Mar 5, 2006