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Quay Brothers - The Short Films 1979-2003  (UK)

奎氏兄弟短片集 1979-2003 (英国)

Year: 2006

Footage: 134min

出品时间: 2006

片长: 134分钟

The twin Brothers Quay are Stephen and Timothy Quay. They were born near Philadelphia in a town with a large European immigrant population, which fuelled their interest in European culture. They studied at the Royal College of Art in London. Funded largely by the BFI and by Channel 4, the Quay Brothers have produced a unique body of work and have established the puppet film as a serious adult art form. These works, usually non-narrative, filter a huge range of literary, musical, cinematic and philosophical influences through their own utterly distinctive sensibility. Many of them draw on a variety of Austrian, Polish and Czechoslovakian sources.

奎氏兄弟是一对双胞胎,名为Stephen QuayTimothy Quay。他们出生于费城附近的一个小镇,那里有大量的欧洲移民,兄弟俩因此受到了欧洲文化的熏陶。他们在伦敦的皇家艺术学院完成了他们的学习生活。在BFI Channel 4的大力资助下,奎氏兄弟创作了很多独一无二的作品,并将偶类动画演变成一种严肃的成人艺术形式。这些作品通常都不是叙事体裁,它们完全融合了兄弟俩特别的内心感觉,浸润着大量的文学、音乐、电影和哲学要素。而且许多作品都带有奥地利、波兰和捷克斯洛伐克艺术的痕迹。

The Cabinet of Jan Švankmajer


1984  13‘40“

It's a tribute to the Czech animation master Jan Švankmajer who is their inspiration. In this film Švankmajer's head is an opened book. He teaches an unnamed child about illusions and perspectives.

The program was made up of extracts from Švankmajer's work interspersed with analysis from critics, art historians and Surrealists, linked by nine animated sequences by Quay Brothers.

这是向他们的启蒙者Jan Švankmajer致敬的作品。在影片中Švankmajer的脑袋是一本打开的书。他在教授一个无名儿童关于幻觉和透视的知识。


This Unnameable Little Broom


1985  10'45"

A reduction of the Epic of Gilgamesh, the earliest surviving work of literature. The Gilgamesh figure is a sort of grotesque fascist despot on a tricycle, ruthless patrolling his sandbox kingdom. The film was produced with some fabulous design and rapid, mechanical camera movements.


Street of Crocodiles


1986  20’35”

Adapted from a short story by Polish writer Bruno Schulz, Street Of Crocodiles takes the mixture of organic material and mechanical objects further. A man spits into the eyepiece of an old kinetoscope and sets the musty machine in motion, plunging the viewer into a netherworld among the dirt and grime. Screws twist out of objects and move about. Bizarre machines perform pointlessly repetitive and unproductive tasks and a small urchin brings supposedly inanimate objects to life by casting reflected light upon them.

《鳄鱼街》改编自波兰作家Bruno Schulz的 一部短篇小说 ,它更进一步地将有机材料和机械物体做了混合使用。一个男人往一台老放映机的镜头上吐了口唾沫,这台发霉的机器就运转起来,把观众带进一个灰尘污秽中的阴曹地府。螺丝从物体中扭动出来,四处活动。一些奇怪的机器毫无目的地重复着没有效益的工作,一个小顽童将光照射在无生命的物体上使它们活动起来。

Stille Nacht 1 - Dramolet


1988  1'45"

Making use of magnets and iron filings, the Quays create an eerie frosting on a Christmas scene.




1991  13'45"

This documentary is about an artistic technique, anamorphosis, which often used in the 16th and 17th centuries. It  relies on a deliberately deformed image that can be made to reappear in its true shape when viewed in an unusual way. Quay Brothers provide several examples.


Stille Nacht II - Are We Still Married?


1992  3'19"

When indie label 4AD were putting out the most interesting music, Quay Brothers agreed to create a music video for the band His Name Is Alive. It was initially inspired by a photo of a girl standing in front of a door holding a paddle. She repeatedly stretches her legs to stand on tip toe in a rhythmic motion, watched by a little rabbit.

A mournful voice sings, "Are we still married?"

当独立厂牌4AD不断发行有趣的音乐作品时,奎氏兄弟同意为His Name Is Alive乐队制作一部音乐片。该片最初的灵感来自于一幅手握球拍站在门前的女孩照片。她随着节奏不停地踮着脚尖,一旁有只小兔子看着她。


Still Nacht III - Tales From Vienna Woods


1992  4'10"

A gun is fired and a bullet flies through the surrounding forest. A deer is shot. As the camera circles slowly around to the front, we see that the table has been decorated with the same antlers.


Still Nacht IV - Can't Go On Without You


1993  3'47"

Another video for His Name is Alive revisits the imagery and characters of Are We Still Married?, and set in the same world as the previous promo. A new character, black-clad male figure wearing a demonic mask, seems locked in a power struggle with the rabbit who is trying to prevent him from obtaining a precious egg.

另一部为His Name is Alive制作的影片,有着跟《我们的婚姻还存在吗?》相同的意象和主角,场景也一样。一个新角色,戴着恶魔面具的黑衣男子,似乎被魔力束缚,而且魔力来自兔子,它正努力阻止他拿到那只宝贵的蛋。

Rehearsals for Extinct Anatomies


1987  13'56"

The starting point was a piece of music that Leszek Jankowski had written for a Kafka-themed project. It is also loosely inspired by an etching by Fragonard. Oscillating hands each hold a pen. Lines become jumbles that become balls. A forlorn woman lies in bed. Some brutal destruction is remorselessly rehearsed outside the door.

Leszek Jankowski为一部卡夫卡式作品所作的音乐成为该片的出发点,它还多多少少地从Fragonard的蚀刻画中获取了灵感。每个摆动臂都握着一支钢笔,线条越来越乱后来变成了球。一个孤独的女人躺在床上。门外,毁灭正无情地上演。

The Comb


1990  19'23"

 Based on a fragment of text by the Austrian writer Robert Walser. It opens in the shadowy bedroom of a black & white sequence. A beauty restlessly sleeps in her bed. The surreal room with saturated colours seems to be controlled by the girl. The soundtrack alternates between multilingual gibberish and Leszek Jankowski's guitar-based score.

根据奥地利作家Robert Walser的文字片段改编。开头是黑白场景中的幽暗卧室。一个美女不安地睡在床上。超现实风格的屋子色彩很饱和,它好像是被女孩掌控着。影片声音背景有时是各种语言的胡言乱语,有时是Leszek Jankowski的吉他演奏。

In Absentia


2000  19'20"

Sourced from an electronic piece originally composed for the opera Freitag in 1991, it's a collaboration with the celebrated avant-garde composer Karlheinz Stockhausen. In a room penetrated by shifting light, a white-dressed woman writes a letter obsessively to her long-absent husband. The pencils, the sharpener, the paper,  clenching hands, blackened fingernails convey her mindscape.

取材于1991年的歌剧Freitag中的一个电子音乐片段,它是和著名前卫作曲家Karlheinz Stockhausen合作完成的。变幻的光线照射着屋子,里面有个白衣女人,正迷乱地给长期在外的丈夫写信。铅笔、卷笔刀、纸张、握紧的手、黑色的指甲传达出她的内心感受。

The Phantom Museum


2003  11’17”

Subtitled "Random forays into the vaults of Sir Henry Wellcome (1853–1936)'s Medical Collection", it was created as a video installation for a British Museum exhibition. With no abstraction or surrealism the film is presented in a mixture of live-action and stop-motion animation. Many of the exhibits are explicitly sexualised.

副标题是“对Henry Wellcome爵士 (1853–1936)存放医学收藏品的地窖的随机参观”,是为不列颠博物馆的一个展览所做的视频装置作品。影片既没有抽象也没有超现实,只是混合了真人表演和停格动画两种表现形式。很多陈列品都明白无误地跟性有关。


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