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Mind Your Own Business


One sheet of paper converts into hexahedron and afterward many changes of form and shape take place. It was tied finally.

Director: Youngjae Shin

Footage: 5min3sec

Year: 2001

On the Edge of Death


In this drama a man tries to suicide in several ways but fails repeatedly. However, the boy who delivers take-away food to the staffs  flattens the doll because of carelessness.

Director: Studio Giggle

Footage: 13min20sec

Year: 2000

Desktop Wars


Two staplers launch a fight on the desk. At last the big stapler is scrapped and used for striking the nail.

Director: Halogen

Footage: 7min

Year: 2000

The Cycle


It expounds the principle that life go round and begin again through some simple thing. Material applied used is a large number of pins.

Director: Hwang Ji Young

Footage: 3min20sec

Year: 2001

Mouse Without Tail


A mouse works in the mouse. After the model update, his tail hinders his work. He is unemployed. Mouse reach a decision to cut the tail, but he finds that he can't keep the balance. So he becomes crippled.

Director: Park Won Chul

Footage: 15min

Year: 2001


The index of Vol. 1


1. MOUSE without tail : 2001, DV 6mm, color, 15min. 

2.Mind Your Own Business :2001,cell, 35mm, color, 5min 

3. Auto : 2000, beta ,color, 5min, 3D 

4.On the Edge of Death : 2000,beta, color,13min 20sec. 

5. Grandma : 2000, beta , bw, 5min, 3D 

6.Don't Cry, Hongdo : 1999, beta, color, 2min10sec,2D 

7. Desktop Wars : 2000,beta , color, 7min, 3D 

8.The Cycle :2001,beta, 3min20sec, color 

9. Nightmare :1999, beta ,color ,8min, 2D 

10. Angel : 2001,beta, color, 6min17sec, 3D   


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