Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed (Germany)

阿基米德王子历险记 (德国)

The Adventures of Prince Achmed

Director: Lotte Reiniger

Footage: 65min

Year: 1926

导演: Lotte Reiniger

片长: 65分钟

出品时间: 1926

The first full-length animated film in the history of cinema with Lotte Reiniger's unique paper cutout silhouette technique.

This silent animated film based on the Arabian Nights legends and has a full cast of ogres, monsters, spirits and, naturally, a beautiful princess. The story follows prince Achmed and a flying horse he has acquired. While traveling, he falls in love with the beautiful Princess Peri Banu and must defeat an army of demons to win her heart. Lotte Reineger created all the characters and cut out every singe silhouette herself.

电影史上第一部动画长片,Lotte Reiniger使用独一无二的剪影技术制作了它。

这部动画默片的情节取材于《一千零一夜》的传说,片中全都是魔鬼、妖怪、精灵,自然也有美丽的公主。讲的是王子Achmed和他的飞马的故事。在路途中他爱上了美丽的公主Peri Banu,必须打败魔鬼的队伍才能赢得她的心。Lotte Reineger创作了所有角色,并亲自制作了每一个剪影。



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